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Servants Anonymous Society (Surrey) was founded in October 2000 and was incorporated as a BC Registered Society on November 6, 2000. We have a charitable tax number for tax deductible donations.
Mission Statement:
To offer programs, ongoing support, hope and wholeness to female youth who have been victims of sexual exploitation.
The SAS Surrey program is designed as an original self-help approach to recovery for female youth.
The program provides sexually exploited females with secure housing and an educational support program through our ASK Learning Centre.
The ASK Learning Centre is designed to provide each participant with the opportunity to learn the personal and occupational skills with the long-term support required to help them obtain and maintain employment, return to school, and/or raise their children on a full-time basis.
Funding for various programs, projects, training and supplies is provided through the generosity of private and corporate donations, and we are grateful for the many partnerships and relationships that we have formed in the local community.
If you have any questions or would like more information on our programs, volunteering, or opportunities to support SAS Surrey, please email us at sasurrey@vcn.bc.ca, visit our website at sasurrey.org, or call us at (604) 576-1141.

SOS Children’s Village BC

The SOS Children’s Village BC provides foster children in BC with a caring, loving and lifetime secure family environment where basic needs for food, health, shelter and education are met.
Dare to Imagine; You come in from playing outside and you find out that you can’t live at this home anymore. You are helped to pack your favourite things and are driven to a house on the other side of town.
They tell you this will be your new home.
You meet a family of people, who seem nice, but their rules are new and their kids are strangers and you don’t want to be there. After a while, the one who brought you tells you they have to leave, but you will be staying.
Later, the family shows you your bed and suggests you put on your pajamas, but you can’t remember where the bathroom is. You just want to go home. In a few days, you’ll have to start a new kindergarten and you won’t see your friends again for a long time – maybe never.
You are scared, you are disoriented, you are missing your brother and sister, and you just want to go home. BUT this is your new home. You are 5 years old. This is the 3rd house you have been moved to. No choice. Instability for some foster children becomes a way of life.
For more information, see the SOS Web Site at: sos-bc.org