Giving gifts wrapped or unwrapped in useful or beautiful containers or woven baskets is not a modern-day concept. Gift baskets can date as far back as the ancient cultures of the Egyptians and the Mayans. Today’s trendy gift baskets are not by any means confined to a wooden box or woven basket. In fact, any surface can be used to create a beautiful basket: for example, we have used crystal trays, cutting boards, plates, pots, books etc. To bring home my point think of a pasta gift basket, it will be much more appealing and useful to the recipient given in a colander than a woven basket.

Common Gift Basket Ingredients: Gift basket ingredients can be a combination of exotic foods, Fresh seasonal fruits, Gourmet foods combinations, packaged and bottled beverages, Teas and Coffees. Soaps, Body lotions, Scented spa type products, Potpourris and Candles. Fresh seasonal floral arrangements are old favourites for Valentine’s Day and Easter Sunday. The greatest benefit of giving someone a gift basket is the ability to fill that container with as many of the recipient’s best loved goodies creating a “one of a kind gift” I don’t know of anyone who would not appreciate such a treasure. Chocolate: Described as the food of the Gods and this decadent treat can be mood altering with its “feel good” Chocolates are a natural choice for most occasions especially Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas.

Here at Loubon we fill our gift baskets with chocolates of course and cheeses, fresh seasonal fruits, assorted crackers, coffees, cocoas drink mixes, pates, caviar, pretzels, nuts and many other combinations of snackable for the foodies in your life. We would even add treats for your pets if you requested it. So, the next time you are stuck for a gift to send someone, know that there is always a gift basket that will be perfect for that recipient.

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